You say, “Why should I awake this morning to sing to my God?”

I reply to you, “Do you not have overwhelming reasons? Has He not done things for you, and are you not grateful?

Has He not taken you out of the horrible pit and out of the miry clay? Has He not set your feet on the Rock and established your goings, and is there no new song in your mouth?

What, are you bought with blood and yet still have a silent tongue? Were you not loved of God before the world began, but you cannot sing His praise? Are you His child, an heir of God and joint heir with Jesus Christ, and yet you have no notes of gratitude?

Has He fed you today? Did He deliver you yesterday out of many troubles? Has he been with you these thirty, forty, fifty years in the wilderness, and yet you have no mercy for which to praise Him?

Shame on your ungrateful heart and your forgetful spirit!

Come, pluck up courage. Think of your mercies and not of your miseries. Forget your pains awhile and think of your many deliverances. Put your feet on the neck of your doubts and fears, and stand on the rock of your salvation.

Come forth and give measure to the music. Weigh His lovingkindness in scales and His goodness in balances. See if you can count the small dust of His mercies.

See if you can understand the unsearchable gift of Christ Jesus. Count His eternal mercies to you, the treasures of that covenant which He made on your behalf, even before you were born.

Sing, sing aloud of that matchless wisdom which contrived, of that divine love which planned and of that eternal grace which carried out the scheme of your redemption!

May God the Holy Spirit be your Comforter, and may you begin from this hour to utter a song of gratitude.

-Excerpted from Perfect Praise by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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