“I am learning that mature faith, which encompasses both simple faith and fidelity, reassembles all the events of life around trust in a loving God. When good things happen, I accept them as gifts from God. When bad things happen, I do not take them as necessarily sent by God – I see evidence in the Bible to the contrary – and I find in them no reason to divorce God. Rather I trust that God can use even those bad things for my benefit. That, at least, is the goal toward which I strive.

A faithful person sees life from the perspective of trust, not fear. Bedrock faith allows me to believe that, despite the chaos of the present moment, God does reign; that regardless of how worthless I may feel, I truly matter to a God of love, that no pain lasts forever and no evil triumphs in the end. Faith sees even the darkest deed of all history, the death of God’s Son, as a necessary prelude to the brightest.”
(Philip Yancey, Reaching for the Invisible God, pp. 65-66)

As I was looking out to this setting sun at Pilar’s Residence in Malapascua Island, I was totally captivated by the changing view in front of me, the dazzling colors that seem to come from the hand of a Master Artist, the sun moving down and the vibrant hues saturating the skies and reflecting on the calm seas below. The fast-moving scene slowly fading into darkness as the night sets in making a mark for another day that have come to pass and will never be.

My life is much like this sunset view – colorful, ever-changing, some dark shadows, some light and vibrant hues, but I know that the Master Artist, my Creator and Lord is in complete control – defining that which He has willed. Even though the “Why?” questions go unanswered, I can trust that “in all things God works for the good of those who love Him,” (Romans 8:28). In all things, good, bad, and many beyond our control, I am assured of a reliable constant of a God willing to work with me and through me for my good and for His glory.



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