I am very excited with my entry today, featuring one of the most talented, most beautiful, young artists we have here in the Philippines – Johanna Velasco-Deutsch.

She has won numerous awards in painting, design,  illustrations,  and photography.  I have always admired her works for its originality, spontaneity, candidness, yet deeply meaningful compositions.

Johanna Velasco-Deutsch has been awarded as one of the Luerzer’s 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide.  She also got the coveted GOLD AWARD at the 49th Society of Illustrators’ (Los Angeles, USA).  Her photos are hauntingly impressive as well as her drawings.

I am very privileged to paint one of her stunning photos as commissioned by a dear friend who would not relent until I paint it.

This is the photo by Johanna Velasco Deutsch entitled, “CAN YOU HEAR MY HEART BEATING LIKE A HAMMER?”

I have asked permission from Johanna to paint this photo as close as possible in deference to the one who has commissioned it.  So, here’s the painting which I have entitled, “RUN”.

“Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead… as I press on toward the goal of finishing well, the hurts of a lifetime are blurred and cleansed as the light of the Spirit leads me purposefully and deliberately to yet another adventure that is by far greater and more exciting than I have ever known…”

-Tuesday Marie Soriano


36″ X 36″ Acrylic on Canvas

Lyn Deutsch 2011


This sharing of gifts and talents brings a surge of deep joy in my heart, uplifting each other and helping each other grow in our own unique individual fields without infringement of each other’s rights.  I know there are some artists who will not allow their works to be used as reference for other artists, and I do respect  their stance.

My heartfelt appreciation to Lara Ellis, John Scates,  Johanna Velasco-Deutsch, and Tuesday Soriano, who so far have been all so gracious to permit these collaborative works.  I can see that this series ‘Painting Inspired By A Photo’ is defining this site in days to come and who knows may influence other artists to open up to unbounded possibilities.

Thank you and God’s immeasurable blessings be upon you!


For canvas prints and greeting cards of this painting, please click link below:

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For artists who would like to post their collaborative artworks here, please contact me:



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