Art & Design Solutions | Dining Area Transformed By A Mural


House of Professor Marliza Rubenecia, nestled in a forest of trees and beautiful gardens…
We are still here at the University of Eastern Philippines Village, Northern Samar supposed to be on vacation, until three days ago I got a bit busy doing what I love – painting!

In three days I did 5 murals for three clients.

I am featuring the one I did this afternoon for the residence of Prof. Marliza Rubenecia. She saw the murals I did for a restaurant that led to this one

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Speed Painting | Paint A Waterfalls

May I invite you to watch me paint a glorious waterfalls and finish it before your coffee gets cold…
I recorded this painting in action with my little digital camera from start to finish. Here’s what I came up with.

Please click here for the video link.

Here’s the painting:

Glorious Waterfalls
24″ x 36″ oil on canvas
Lyn Deutsch 14|04|12
Original painting is available for sale. FREE

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